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  • Tom Burgess

Weekly Wake Up 5 July 2019

Friday 5 July 2019, today we talk about:

· How single use plastic is no longer fantastic and how it contributes to inequality

· Can big business be a force for good and really help to reduce poverty?

If you want to find out more about then go to our website: Busy show today as we have five folk in the studio this week but we do have new microphone, well I have a new microphone we have upgraded our quality so that I always sound better than the other team members, I have to keep ahead. Anyway we also do have plenty of biscuits, as I picked up my favourites at Costco last week, but no crunching while your mike is on.

The plan on this show is that each member of our team will introduce topical news event something that has been in the news the last week which related to the Real Agenda, that’s inequality, low incomes, unaffordable housing, education health, infrastructure and repairing our damaged democracy. We will talk about these topic with particularly focus on how these issues can be fixed, so this is not Question Time, but Answer Time.

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